Plan your Tuesday at ZagrebDox


Secon official festival day includes ZagrebDoXXL programme: Meet Kim Longinotto, screening of the Hubert Sauper's film 'We Come as Friends' and the premieres of Croatian titles 'Free' by Vlatka Vorkapić and 'Sick' by Hrvoje Mabić.

ZagrebDox Tuesday features the first in a series of events from the ZagrebDoXXL programme: Meet Kim Longinotto. The programme begins at 7pm, theatre 4, with the screenings of Dreamcatcher and Love Is All: 100 Years of Love and Courtship, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker. Before Dreamcacther, the festival director Nenad Puhovski will present Longinotto with My Generation Award – the award to the filmmakers whose quality has kept them going and earned them the key role in documentary film.

On the second official festival day, regional competition presents the exceptional work by the Austrian-French director (and aviator) Hubert Sauper, scheduled for 3pm, theatre 1. In the film We Come as Friends, the author of Darwin’s Nightmare (2004) again films in Africa. This time he focuses on the intersection of multinational interests in Sudan, from Chinese oil field workers and UN peacekeepers to American evangelists.

Regional competition also includes several Dox events – the premieres of Croatian titles Free by Vlatka Vorkapić (theatre 1, 5pm) and Sick by Hrvoje Mabić (theatre 1, 7pm), attended by the authors and followed by Q&A’s.

Among the many magnificent international competition films, we highlight Rich Hill (10pm, theatre 2), directed by Tracy Droz Dragos and Andrew Droz Palermo. The Sundance jury Grand Prix winner for documentary film is a story about three boys from a poor and isolated town in the Midwest and their daily life. Happy Dox continues with the outstanding French documentary Brother and Sister, the winner of the Filmmakers of the Present Award in Locarno, directed by French director Daniel Touati. This title leads us to the complex relationship between Cyril (5) and his sister Marie (8) who, despite their differences, share a passion for music. The film is scheduled for 8pm, theatre 3. On Tuesday, there will also be a Retrospective of Croatian Musical Documentary, showing three films: Mariška Band by Petar Krelja, Punchke by Filip Meštrović and Marinko Marinkić, and God Save Le Zborby Noah Pintarić and Lora Šuljić.