Controversial Dox explores and expounds political, social, religious and sexual controversies


'Tito's Murder Squads', 'The Serbian Lawyer', 'Daniel's World', 'Mystic Mass' and other Controversial Dox titles not to be missed at this year's ZagrebDox.

The Controversial Dox section, among other things, features Tito’s Murder Squads by German filmmakers Philipp Grüll and Frank Hofmann, who explored a theme pretty familiar to the Croatian public: the elimination of Croatian immigrants in Germany, with a special focus on the murder of Stjepan Đureković and the consequential trial of Josip Perković and Zdravko Mustač. We are also familiar with the subject of The Serbian Lawyer by Aleksandar Nikolić, expounding the moral dilemmas of Marko Sladojević, one of the key persons in Radovan Karadžić’s defence team. Mladen Ćapin’s documentary Utopia reveals the author’s conclusions about the Croatian society.

Sexual offences are in the focus of three controversial docs: Daniel’s World by Czech director Veronika Liškova, who persuaded the Czech paedophile community to speak publicly, and one of them in particular: 25-year-old Daniel, No Lullaby by Helen Simon that takes the opposite turn and speaks about sexual harassment, and the short Australian documentary Beneath Heaven with the similar theme in the focus, directed by Logan Mucha.

In this section we shall also see the Lebanese-Canadian film Mystic Mass by Karim B Haroun – a fascinating documentary describing in great detail the day-long ritual of thousands of Shia Muslims who meet annually to celebrate the anniversary of their leader’s martyr’s death.

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The Serbian Lawyer

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