ZagrebDox Pro – Terms and Conditions

ARTICLE 1 / General provisions

ZagrebDox Pro is a programme intended for authors and producers of documentary films, taking place during the International Documentary Film Festival ZagrebDox.

ZagrebDox Pro is funded by the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport of the City of Zagreb, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, European Union MEDIA programme and various sponsors.

The objective of the ZagrebDox Pro project is: to stimulate an exchange of information in the world of documentary film, the help the participants acquire the skills of locating foreign partners for co-funding of their films in the best possible way, to enable an exchange of creative ideas and knowledge, to provide an insight into contemporary documentary production, to improve networking between the authors and producers of documentary projects with potential partners, sponsors and distributers of documentary film. ZagrebDox Pro wants to stimulate collaboration in the area of Southeast Europe and makes possible mutual acquaintances and acknowledgment between global, European, regional and local documentary scene.

The official language of ZagrebDox Pro is English.

ARTICLE 2 / ZagrebDox Pro project programme

ZagrebDox Pro consists of the following programmes: A DOX PROPOSAL CRASH COURSE (one-day workshop), THE REALITY CHECK WORKSHOP (three-day workshop + pitching forum), MASTERCLASS (lectures by acclaimed documentarians) and PHONE DOX, a competition of documentary films made by a cell phone. Some of the workshops are intended for selected participants only. All the sections open to public (lectures, presentations, roundtables, screenings etc.) are clearly marked in the ZagrebDox programme.


A DOX PROPOSAL CRASH COURSE is a one-day workshop for not more than 20 participants that directors and producer can apply for. The aim of the workshop is to provide a unique insight to all the participants into the other side of the selection process, workshops, funds and festival, with an emphasis on the documentary script and preparation of written presentations of documentary projects. Each year the focus of this workshop is put on a different element. In additions to 20 regular participants, THE REALITY CHECK WORKSHOP participants are invited to take part in this one-day programme as well, as an introduction into the workshop.

The workshop is organised in association with the DOCUMENTARY IN EUROPE organisation.


THE REALITY CHECK WORKSHOP is a four-day programme consisting of a three-day workshop and a pitching forum.

The workshop is open to directors and producers worldwide. In particular cases the teams can be joined by a screenwriter, cinematographer or editor. A team of participants usually consists of two members, but not more than three members. Advantage is given to projects from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, followed by projects from other countries, concerning issues related to this region, projects whose authors come from this region, or projects that already have or are currently looking for co-producers in the region.

After three days of improving the project for presentation, mentored by renowned experts, the directors and/or producers of twelve selected projects will have an opportunity to present their project at the pitching forum to a group of qualified regional and international editors of documentary TV programmes and representatives of film funds. The pitching forum is open only to the members of the team participating at the workshop.

Throughout the pitching forum, a standard format is respected; seven minutes for project presentation (including video materials and other visual materials) and eight minutes for the question to the panel members.

The participants can also arrange for individual one-on-one meetings with the panel members.

The workshop can be attended by up to six observers. Observer candidates can contact after the workshop selection has been made public. The e-mail subject should state I WANT TO BE AN OBSERVER and the e-mail should include your name, e-mail address and telephone number.

The projects submitting an online application should include a link to the trailer, up to five still images and a project study: a short synopsis and character description (1 page max.), a summary of the budget and production plan (1 page max.), the director’s biography (1/2 page) and the producer’s references (1/2 page).

An application form and project study (font: Arial 11) should be written in English. The budget plan should be expressed in Euro and the trailer should have English subtitles. ZagrebDox Pro will sponsor six participants of THE REALITY CHECK WORKSHOP by covering their transportation and accommodation costs.

All the participants of THE REALITY CHECK WORKSHOP receive a diploma confirming their participation at the workshop. One of the projects will be selected for online mentorship in the duration of one year. This award is presented at the closing of the ZagrebDox festival.

All the participants of THE REALITY CHECK WORKSHOP are required to put the logo of the ZagrebDox Pro project on the end credits of the completed film which participated at the workshop during its project stage. The logo can be downloaded from ZagrebDox’s official website.


Each year ZagrebDox Pro hosts renowned documentary filmmakers whose retrospectives are shown at the ZagrebDox festival.


PHONE DOX is a competition for the best documentary film in the duration of up to 15 minutes made by a cell phone.

Filmmakers from across the world are invited to enter their documentary films made by a cell phone camera. The application should include a filled-out online application form (link) and a film screener (online or DVD).

After the completion of the competition, the five selected films will be shown in ZagrebDox’s selection. These films compete for an award presented at the end of the festival. The best film is selected by a three-member jury. The award is guaranteed by a festival sponsor.

ARTICLE 7 / Passes

All the participants selected for the projects of ZagrebDox Pro 2014 get a ZagrebDox PRO pass allowing them free participation at all the festival events and entrance to all the screenings.

ARTICLE 8 / Organiser

The organiser of the ZagrebDox Pro project is a non-governmental and non-profit association Factum. Factum, Nova Ves 18/3, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, phone: +385 1 4854 821, fax: +385 1 4854 823, e-mail:, website:, OIB: 81603361175, IBAN: HR7523600001101981123.

ARTICLE 9 / Final provisions

The Terms and Conditions are written in Croatian and English. They are accepted by all the participants of the ZagrebDox Pro project. In case of misunderstandings in interpreting the text, the Croatian version in considered relevant. The provisions which are not covered by the Terms and Conditions will be discussed directly by the organisers of the ZagrebDox Pro project in accordance with the organiser’s Statute. In case of a dispute, all matters regarding ZagrebDox Pro will be settled exclusively by a competent court in Zagreb. The CEO of Factum holds a discretional right to decide and resolve the matters which are not specified by the Terms and Conditions.