About the workshop

The Reality Check Workshop will host 13 projects from 12 countries this year. They will go through intensive group and individual work on their projects in different stages of development with tutors Leena Pasanen and Stefano Tealdi. The workshop aims at helping the participants structure their projects and acquire the skills required for finding international partners to co-finance their films. Apart from the closed sessions, participants are also joined by a more general audience for panels, discussions and presentations. After a three day training at The Reality Check Workshop they will be presenting their projects to a panel of TV editors, representatives of film funds and distributors. The pitching forum is open to audience who will be able to hear the presentations and also to see a few minutes of the initial visual material for each future film.

Workshop facilitators and mentors:
Leena Pasanen, Stefano Tealdi

Workshop mentors, lecturers and speakers:
John Appel, Nedžad Begović, Jon Bang Carlsen, Aleksandra Derewienko, Hans Robert Eisenhauer, Peter Jäger, Vanja Jambrović, Catherine Le Clef, Tue Steen Müller, Paul Pauwels, Martina Petrović, Charile Phillips, Rada Šešić