Panel Discussion Documentary Screenwriting

Time and place  
24.02. / Monday, 15:30 - 17:00 Theatre Zagreb Film  
How to Write What Yet Needs to be Discovered (open to the public)

Panel members: Leena Pasanen, Hans Robert Eisenhauer, Paul Pauwels and Stefano Tealdi

A different page margin for dialogue, character names, scene transitions, 12-point Courier font, a major plot switch on page 17 of the script, the amount of zest in a cute-meet between a boy and a girl, always following up on a joke you set up earlier in the story... The rules of formatting and the tips and tricks of the trade for the content of a fiction film script are available in off and on-line classrooms around the globe and they are there for the taking. Documentarians are investigators of different realities and their script is the result of this investigative work.  More often than not they have an outline of the story, but set the script of the film during the shooting and in the editing room. What to include in an initial script often requested by financiers and what are the ingredients of a compellingly written project presentation for a documentary film are questions to be tackled in this panel.