Jon Bang Carlsen Masterclass

Time and place  
01.03. / Saturday, 12:30 - 14:00 Theatre Zagreb Film  

Jon Bang Carlsen has written and directed more than thirty films, both documentary and feature. The director's signature hybrid style combines documentary and fictional interpretations, and many of his documentaries are visually and symbolically powerful, often staged portraits of marginal figures and milieus. From 1977 onward, mise-en-scene with real characters plays a very important part in his productions, and this method is detailed in his meta-film, How to Invent Reality (1996). Jon Bang Carlsen says: 'To me, documentaries are no more ‘real’ than fiction films and fiction films are no more fabulating than documentaries. There is no ‘reality’ that cannot be seen from a different angle and be revealed as a dream. To describe the world, you have to define the truth in a way that does not exclude lies.’