ZagrebDox Pro Retrospective

Bird’s Way

Klara Trencsenyi, Vlad Naumescu
Screening time  
28.02. / Friday, 15:00 - 17:00 Theatre 3  
"Bird’s Way" is a magic realist story, an Eastern European fairy tale that follows the daily routine of an Old Believer community struggling to survive and maintain their traditions in spite of the overwhelming intrusion of modernity.

The story takes place in the picturesque, isolated scenery of the Danube Delta, Romania. The protagonist is a Russian Lipovan community chased away from Russia three hundred years ago for not accepting the religious reforms of 1666. The film follows three years from the community life, where recent changes and modernization unveil the fragility and vulnerability of a traditional society.


Klara Trencsenyi

Klára Trencsényi is a freelance director and cinematographer committed to creative and social documentaries. She graduated from the Hungarian Film Academy in Budapest as Director of Photography in 2005. She directed one feature documentary (Train to Adulthood, 2015), three mid-length documentaries (Corvin Variations, 2011, Birds Way, 2009, and A Chance, 2007), and a short documentary (3Weddings – Elena&Leo, 2009).

Vlad Naumescu

Vlad Naumescu is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the Central European University, Hungary. His research focuses on religion and cultural transmission, on which he published two books and various articles. He worked as consultant for a feature-length  documentary Csangos (2007) and an anthropological short, Time for Mary (2005).

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2009, 56', video

Directed by:
Klara Trencsenyi, Vlad Naumescu

Screenplay by:
Klára Trencsényi

Klára Trencsényi

Edited by:
Tudor Petre, Bence Bartos

Vlad Voinescu

Tudor Giurgiu

Produced by:
Libra Film Productions

Festivals & Awards:

Mediawave International Film and Music Festival 2010 – Best Director Award; Hungarian Film Week 2010 –  Special Jury Prize; Astra Film Festival 2009 – Best Romanian Documentary