Wajda School Retrospective

At the Datcha

Thierry Paladino
Screening time  
28.02. / Friday, 15:00 - 17:00 Theatre 1  
The datcha is held together by more or less firmly fixed cardboard and tin pieces, only prevented from collapsing due to persistent eff orts and sacrifices made by father and son.

The car needs to be moved too – a task that requires the cumulated knowledge of the DIY man. Concentrated work, only to be topped by the professional repairing works of an undefi ned device, that later turns out to be a vacuum cleaner.

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At the Datcha

2006, 29', video

Directed by:
Thierry Paladino

Screenplay by:
Thierry Paladino

Thierry Paladino

Edited by:
Rafał Samborski

Produced by:
Wajda Studio

Festivals & Awards:

Vilnius Film Shorts 2007 – Grand Prix; Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival Curta Cinema 2007 – Best Documentary; Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2007 – Golden Medal of Belgrade; The Mediawave International Film and Music Festival 2007 – Prize of the Bárka Theatre; New York Polish Film Festival 2007 – Special Mention; Slamdance On the Road 2007 – Honorary Diploma