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I Love Hooligans

Jan-Dirk Bouw
Screening time  
25.02. / Tuesday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 4  
In "I Love Hooligans" we enter the world of a homosexual hooligan who feels unconditional love for his club.

However, being gay, this hooligan has to hide his identity in order to survive in this world that is so precious to him. Football is what he lives for, and his sexual orientation and love life have been relegated to the margin. It is a well-kept secret.


Jan-Dirk Bouw

Jan-Dirk Bouw studied art and graphic design at the HKU Utrecht and did his masters in communication & design at the School of Communication Arts, London. In 2005 he studied screenwriting for documentaries, at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. He writes screenplays for documentaries, editorial articles for newspapers, magazines like Newsweek, Vrij Nederland and AD Magazine with a special interest in socially engaged topics. From 2007 his focus is mainly on writing, directing and producing documentaries.

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I Love Hooligans

Netherlands, Belgium
2013, 13', DCP

Directed by:
Jan-Dirk Bouw

Screenplay by:
Jan-Dirk Bouw

Jan-Dirk Bouw, Joost Jansen

Edited by:
Tim Roza

Paleis van Boem: Martin Vonk, Jaap de Weijer

Koert Davidse, Marc Thelosen

Produced by:
seriousFilm, Walking The Dog

Festivals & Awards:

Leeds International Film Festival 2013; Interfilm Short Film Festival Berlin 2013; DOK Leipzig 2013; Shnit-OPEN International Short Film Festival 2013; Netherlands Film Festival 2013; Hamptons International Film Festival 2013