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Enzo Avitabile Music Life

Jonathan Demme
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01.03. / Saturday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 5  
A portrait of Neapolitan saxophonist and singer-songwriter, who combines his love of world music and jazz fusion with forgotten instruments and folk drum rhythms.

A portrait of Neapolitan saxophonist and singer-songwriter Enzo Avitabile, who combines his love of world music and jazz fusion with forgotten instruments and local folk drum rhythms. Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme follows Avitabile’s travels around Naples with a lively handheld camera: from his messy workroom in a working-class neighborhood to a visit to the poor suburb of Marianella, where he grew up. In the meantime, the energetic Avitabile talks about his turbulent life: about meeting living legends such as James Brown and Tina Turner, losing his wife, his conversion to Buddhism and return to Christianity, and the period when he was blind.


Jonathan Demme

Jonathan Demme is an American director, screenwriter and producer born in 1944. His first film success was Melvin and Howard (1980). In 1991 he won an Academy Award for Silence of the Lambs, one of the five films ever to win in all the five main categories (best film, director, screenplay, leading actor and leading actress). Afterwards he directed another winner, Philadelphia (1992). In addition to fiction hits, Demme made a series of documentary films such as: Neil Young Trunk Show (2009), New Home Movies From the Lower 9th Ward (2007), Neil Young: Heart of Gold (2006), Stop Making Sense (1984, about a Talking Heads concert).

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Enzo Avitabile Music Life

2012, 82', DCP

Directed by:
Jonathan Demme

Vincenzo Pascolo

Edited by:
Giogiò Franchini

Enzo Avitabile

Davide Azzolini

Produced by:
Dazzle Communication

Festivals & Awards:

Venice International Film Festival 2012;  International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – IDFA 2012; DOC NYC 2012; Austin Film Festival 2012; Houston Cinema Arts Festival 2012