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The Love Competition

Brent Hoff
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Did you know that feelings like love, joy, fear, and hate have not only geographic locations in your brain but also the specific neurochemical pathways responsible for creating them?

In recent years, technology has enabled scientists to begin mapping emotional experiences in the human brain, discovering not only the geographic location of feelings like love, joy, fear, and hate, but also the specific neurochemical pathways responsible for creating them. Thus, it has become possible, to some extent, to measure one individual’s emotional experience against another’s. With this in mind, a filmmaker enlists The Stanford Center for Cognitive Neurobiological Imaging to help hold the world’s fi rst ever Love Competition, in which seven contestants have five minutes in an MRI machine to love someone ‘as hard as they can’. And while the attempt to scientifi cally quantify such a deeply personal experience may seem far from romantic, the results are anything but…


Brent Hoff

Brent Hoff is the Co-Founder & Executive Producer of Wholphin, where he films drunk bees, crying competitions, and illegal trans-border volleyball matches. Before that he authored Mapping Epidemics, a book on pandemic disease transmission, made TV at The Daily Show, VH1, and Nickelodeon, and wrote articles about squid. His first feature script, about the last days of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, is currently in production.

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The Love Competition

2012, 15', video

Directed by:
Brent Hoff

Mo Gorjestani

Edited by:
Malcolm Pullinger

The Pauses

Malcolm Pullinger

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Festivals & Awards:

South by Southwest SXSW 2012