Controversial Dox

just the right amount of violence

Jon Bang Carlsen
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26.02. / Wednesday, 23:00 - 01:00 Theatre 3  
27.02. / Thursday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 4  
The set is the classical Doll House in middle-class Surburbia. A story about family business. About love and despair. Nothing more – nothing less.

For many families in the sprawling suburbs of Los Angeles, their peaceful middle-class existence is just a facade. What lies beneath is sheer domestic turmoil: Teens addicted to drugs, breaking the law and engaging in violent outbursts, and parents at their wits' end. Interventionists, like Evan "Bullet" James and Dana "Hodges" Goller, specialize in entering these suburban homes in the night and ripping troubled teens from their beds to transport them, against their will, to a reform school in Utah. Crafted in the director's signature hybrid style, the film is about the complicated relationships between parents and children and how the wounds we incur within our families can seem the hardest to heal.


Jon Bang Carlsen

Jon Bang Carlsen is film director born in 1950, graduate of the Danish Film School, 1976. He has written and directed more than thirty films, both documentaries and feature films. Early classics include Jenny (1977), A Rich Man (1979), Hotel of the Stars (1981), Phoenix Bird (1984) and Before the Guests Arrive (1986).

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Just the Right Amount of Violence

Denmark, Sweden
2013, 83', video

Directed by:
Jon Bang Carlsen

Screenplay by:
Jon Bang Carlsen

Jon Bang Carlsen

Edited by:
Morten Giese, Hilda Rasula, Rikke Selin

Nathan Larsson

Helle Ulsteen

Produced by:
Kamoli Films

Festivals & Awards:

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – IDFA 2013; DOK Leipzig 2013