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Ai Weiwei The Fake Case

Andreas Johnsen
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01.03. / Saturday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 4  
The Chinese authorities threaten Ai Weiwei to keep his mouth shut. But to Ai Weiwei a life lived in silence is not a life. It is death.

In recent years, conceptual artist Ai Weiwei has become a significant voice in opposing the Chinese government. This led to his 2011 arrest and subsequent solitary confinement, which lasted three months. The Fake Case follows Ai Weiwei after his return home, though he is still on parole and being sued for tax evasion: a lawsuit that he dubs ‘The Fake Case’. Straightforward camerawork captures Ai Weiwei with his family in and around his house, during interviews and while dealing with uncertainty and new provocations. The artist reflects on his experiences in prison and the Chinese political climate, and wonders how far he should take his activism – after all, he now has to worry about his wife and son. The film documents his nerve-racking game of chess with the authorities, who keep coming up with new charges against him. Strengthened by the support of his sympathizers, which comes in the form of letters and donations, Ai Weiwei toils onward in his struggle.


Andreas Johnsen

Andreas Johnsen was born 1974 in Copenhagen. He is a documentary filmmaker and producer, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark and works all over the world. Filmography: Ai Weiwei – The Fake Case (2013), Kidd Life (2012).

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Ai Weiwei The Fake Case

2013, 86', DCP

Directed by:
Andreas Johnsen

Andreas Johnsen

Edited by:
Adam Nielsen

Katrine Sahlstrøm

Produced by:
Danish Documentary Production

Festivals & Awards:

Bodil Filmmedarbejderforeningen 2014 – Best Documentary; Berlin International Film Festival 2014 – nominated for the Cinema for Peace Justice Award; Göteborg International Film Festival 2014; International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – IDFA 2013