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Roots and Wings

Lisa Mirjam Wimmer
Screening time  
27.02. / Thursday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 5  
"Roots and Wings" is a film about a father and a daughter who were living thousands of miles away from each other in two worlds that couldn’t be more different.

The German pioneer of paragliding Oliver Guenay traveled to more than sixty countries in the last twenty years. His Chilean daughter Eloisa Saavedra, who is 18 years old, grew up in a rather bourgeois world in Santiago de Chile and has never traveled further than Argentina. Her native language is Spanish. Oliver is German and his Spanish language skills are limited. The contact between the two was limited to occasional visits by Oliver to Chile. Eloisa just turned 18 and now she wants to learn paragliding from her father near Santiago in December. Will they grow closer to each other via paragliding? Can they manage to overcome the barriers of culture and language? Will a real father-daughter-relationship develop?

Lisa Mirjam Wimmer

Lisa Mirjam Wimmer, born in Germany in 1989, grew up in Rwanda, France and Germany. For her first film Grün. Gelb. Glücklich she was awarded the third prize in the International Youth Contest ‘Jugend Creativ’. In 2009, she graduated from Kolleg St. Sebastian in Freiburg, Germany. From 2010 to 2013 she studied project development and directing at ZeLIG in Bolzano (Italy) and graduated in June 2013.

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Roots and Wings

2013, 58', DCP

Directed by:
Lisa Mirjam Wimmer

Screenplay by:
Lisa Mirjam Wimmer

Gero Hecker

Edited by:
Luca Saggin

Fabian Zweck, Maurizio Riglione

Gronauer Heidi

Produced by:
ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media

Festivals & Awards:

ZeLIG Film Fest 2013