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Light Fly, Fly High

Susann Østigaard, Beathe Hofseth
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01.03. / Saturday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 5  
“Light fly, fly high” tells the personal and inspirational story about Thulasi, a young girl in contemporary India who refuses to accept her position at the very bottom of the social ladder.

Thulasi is a young Indian girl who is literally willing to fight for the right to be herself. Born outside caste, she is expected to accept her position at the very bottom of the social ladder. But Thulasi is different. She wants to be independent. She wants to be a boxer. Three years back she ranked 3rd in India in the Light Fly category. But unfortunately Thulasi’s talent has gotten her nowhere so far. Her main obstacle is the General Secretary of Tamil Nadu Boxing Association. He is the one in control of the girls’ careers and sends them to competitions. But he demands money and sex in exchange for his ‘favours’. Thulasi has no money, and she refuses to sleep with him. The film follows Thulasi through three eventful years with many unexpected turns, taking the audience on a journey, with extreme ups and downs, victories and defeats, both in the ring and her personal life.


Susann Østigaard

Susann Østigaard, born in 1976, has a degree from Lillehammer and Volda University College, and has been working as a cinematographer and director since 2002. She has made several documentaries for Norwegian television, including the film From Different Worlds (2005).


Beathe Hofseth

Beathe Hofseth, born 1977, is a documentary filmmaker graduated from Volda University College and NISS in Oslo. She has worked with film and television since 2002, and has directed several documentaries for both NRK and TV2.

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Light Fly, Fly High

2013, 80', DCP

Directed by:
Susann Østigaard, Beathe Hofseth

Screenplay by:
Susann Østigaard, Beathe Hofseth

Susann Østigaard

Edited by:
Siv Lamark

Troels Abrahamsen, Kjetil M. Hovland, Mike Sheridan

Susann Østigaard, Beathe Hofset

Produced by:
Fri Film as, Fri Film as

Festivals & Awards:

Tromsø International Film Festival 2014 – Honorable Mention; International Documentary FilmFestival Amsterdam – IDFA 2013 –Oxfam Global Justice Award