ZagrebDox 55+


Time sometimes does not matter and sometimes it behaves like a bloodthirsty spectre. Six magnificent documentaries on the subject of old age, shown in different ZagrebDox programmes, include the acclaimed Chilean film “The Last Station” and “Good Morning” by Ante Babaja.

One of ZagrebDox’s most popular categories – Happy Dox – this year includes two inspiring tales which prove that age does not matter and that real happiness has no boundaries. In her documentary Everything is Possible, Polish director Lidia Duda tells the story of Teresa, an 80-year-old hitchhiker who found the meaning of life in travelling. Why did Teresa all of a sudden need to travel? Is it her wish to fulfil her long hidden dreams or to overcome language, financial and health-related barriers? Are her reasons more dramatic? The same category will screen the film about an American who lost it one day and quit his job as a neurosurgeon to move to Miami and rollerblade, reborn as Slomo.

The Controversial Dox will screen the premiere of Consumed, a film by Borut Šeparović based on the project 55+ in which people older than 55 got as many seconds as they are old to recount the most important minute in their lives. The competition programme includes two films that, each in their own way, lead us to the reality of nursing homes. In the international competition it is The Last Station by Chilean authors Cristiano Soto and Catalina Vergara, a poetic tale of old age and last days of life, filmed in a nursing home in Chile. This is a film of beautiful visuals (compared to the works of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi), so far included in the official selections of several prestigious festivals (IDFA, Hot Docs, DOK Leipzig). The regional competition includes the film Marko by Sillvio Mirošničenko, about a lonely and almost blind older gentleman who lives in St. Anna nursing home in Zagreb.

My Best Dox section, consisting of films shown at previous editions of ZagrebDox, to the choice of Croatian film critics, includes a film selected by Višnja Pentić, Good Morning by Ante Babaja, in which our late great filmmaker for the last time took a glance into the bloodthirsty jaws of the spectre known as Time.