‘The Special Need’ and ‘Stream of Love’ Awarded at the Trieste Film Festival!


Two documentary variations on the theme of sexuality and passion won over the jury at Trieste Film Festival which presented them ‘ex aequo’ the Alpe Adria Cinema Award for best documentary film. Both films are available in the 10th ZagrebDox regional competition.

The Special Need, directed by Carlo Zoratti, and Stream of Love’ by Ágnes Sós were named the best documentary films at the recent Trieste Film Festival. The producers of these works shared the Alpe Adria Cinema Award and the accompanying monetary prize.

The Hungarian film Stream of Love is a humorous and surprisingly warm film about the tragicomic stories of the people living in a small village in Transylvania, proving that elderly people can be young at heart, romantic and – sexual. Director Ágnes Sós is not a stranger to ZagrebDox’s audience; her film Invisible Strings: The Talented Pusker Sisters was shown last year in the Musical Globe section. In terms of subject, Stream of Love combines two of her passions – her love for the country and the elderly. TRAILER

The German-Italian film The Special Need focuses on the 29-year-old Enea, a super-uber-mega smart, handsome and – autistic – guy who never had sex, but really wants to. Since Italy does not provide a legal solution for his problem, Enea goes on a road trip with his friends Carlo and Alex... TEASER