Sundance and IDFA winners in 10th ZagrebDox competition


The rich international competition of the 10th ZagrebDox include, among others, the Sundance documentary winner 'Blood Brother' and the winner of last year's IDFA 'Song from the Forest'.

American documentary Blood Brother which has won a respectable number of merits at festivals across the world in the recent months – including a jury award and an audience award at Sundance Film Festival, audience awards at Hot Docs and Atlanta and Thessaloniki film festivals. This unusual and resonant film, directed by Steeve Hoover, is a portrayal of a young American called Rocky who made a radical decision: he left his family, friends and life and moved to India, to work in an institution for children with AIDS. TRAILER

The German documentary Song from the Forest by Michael Obert will also be presented in the international competition. In another story about fleeing the western civilisation to embrace Third World countries, American Louis Sarno decided to follow the sounds of a song he heard on the radio 25 years ago, which led him to the Central African rainforests, to the Pygmy tribe of Bayaka. He remained there until this day, when he wanted to show his son the world he caem from. The two of them embark on another trip, to another jungle, to New York City. At IDFA, Obert won the category of the best feature-length documentary. TRAILER