Scottish Documentary Institute Retrospective

Al Khadra: Poet of the Desert

Noe Mendelle
Screening time  
27.02. / Wednesday, 15:00 - 17:00 Theatre 1  
Meet Al Khadra, a renowned Sahrawi war poetess.

Al Khadra is a renowned Sahrawi war poetess, living in the windswept al-Auin camp in the Algerian desert. Now in her late 70s, the oral verse of this illiterate nomad is vivid testament to three decades of the Sahara conflict. We witness how this extraordinary matriarch survives the hardship and desolation of life in the camp, and see how she keeps her oral poetry alive and attempts to pass on her activism to the next generation.

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Al Khadra: Poet of the Desert

Great Britain
2012, 25', video

Directed by:
Noe Mendelle

Edited by:
Susan Korda

Roxana Vilk

Produced by:
Scottish Documentary Institute Productions