Imaginary Academy Documentary Film Retrospective

Drinking Water and Freedom III

Rajko Grlić
Screening time  
26.02. / Tuesday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 2  
The continuation of Rajko Grlić's story about water, freedom and the well.

In 1973, a very short (running time: one minute) documentary film, Drinking Water and Freedom, was made. Its broadcasting was banned by the communist authorities in Croatia. Its sequel, Drinking Water and Freedom II, was made in 1986. While it is a story about the fate of its predecessor, it also tells us about the fate of one well and one stone slab – the objects that caused the ban of the first film. Drinking Water and Freedom III was made in 1998 as a sequel to both predecessors. It is a continuation of the story about water, freedom and the well. At the Days of Croatian Film in 1999 the film won Jury’s Special Mention for Artistic Contribution.

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Pitka voda i sloboda III

1999, 14', video

Directed by:
Rajko Grlić

Screenplay by:
Rajko Grlić

Živko Zalar, Enes Midžić, Slobodan Trninić

Edited by:
Rajko Grlić, Mirna Supek, Ed Talavera

Nenad Puhovski, Ljupče Đokić

Produced by:
Factum, Zagreb film, Filmoteka 16