Author’s Night: Vlatka Vorkapić

Pogačica , ročelica , mendulica

Vlatka Vorkapić
Screening time  
27.02. / Wednesday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 2  
One of Vorkapić’s first documentaries dedicated to widely known Pag lace.

From the opening scenes – panoramic views of the sea and island, its dry stone walls and enclosures, rose windows on church facades and convent fences, stone texture in secular architecture – the author connects “white gold’s” Pogačice, ročelice i mendulice, as Pag lace is sometimes called, with shapes appearing on this white and salty island, its nature and centennial traces of a specific lifestyle. Atmospheric and lacy forms mutually contrast, intertwine and blend, harmoniously completing the stories of ordinary Pag women, experts in lace-making and the author’s comment on the lace-making technique and lace through centuries. A more careful viewer will notice how these scenes were shot with every possible filmmaking technique and method, in order to breathe life into the lace, a the dynamic editing sequence of scenes, untypical of slow television, sometimes give the impression that the film itself is a result.


Vlatka Vorkapić

Vlatka Vorkapić is a screenwriter and director. She graduated in Film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts and comparative literature and Czech language and literature from the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She is a member of the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild and Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association. She wrote many fiction, documentary and docu-fiction serials, and made around 30 documentaries, two short fiction films (Driver’s Licence, Absent-minded Window-gazing) and feature fiction film Sonja and the Bull, a huge box-office hit in 2012. The film won the Golden Arena for Best Screenplay at Pula Film Festival. ZagrebDox screened some of her documentary films: Pogačica, ročelica, mendulica (1996), Grandpa, Batek, Granny (1999), The Common People’s Intimacy (2000), Strange People’s Super Power (2002) and Gabriel (2010).  She was a member of the international jury at the 2013 ZagrebDox.

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Pogačica, ročelica, mendulica

1996, 25', video

Directed by:
Vlatka Vorkapić

Screenplay by:
Vlatka Vorkapić

Mile Tapavički

Vlatka Vorkapić

Aleksej Pavlovsky

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 1997 – Exceptional Contribution by Original Author