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Little World

Marcel Barrena
Screening time  
25.02. / Monday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 5  
03.03. / Sunday, 12:00 - 14:00 Theatre 4  
03.03. / Sunday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 3  
30.000 km. 200 days. 20 euros. 4 wheels.

Albert Casals is a young man who has been in a wheelchair since he suffered from leukaemia at the tender age of five. But this hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dream: travelling around the world. And doing it his way. He sets off from home armed with nothing but his imagination and his courage. Little World takes us along on his greatest challenge yet: to reach the exact opposite side of the planet. Is it possible to cross the earth in these conditions? Mixing home video techniques and traditional documentary methods, we will get to know this young man, his love story, his philosophy of life and his parents’ approach to raising him. We will see how Albert and his girlfriend, Anna, go from Barcelona to a remote lighthouse in New Zealand… or how they fail in the attempt. The journey (and the film) can be considered sheer madness, an endearing romance or an epic adventure. Or perhaps a little bit of everything.


Marcel Barrena

Marcel Barrena was born in Barcelona in 1981. Little World is his first documentary. His first fictional movie Four Seasons was awarded with the Catalan Film Academy Gaudí Award for the Best TV-Movie. Barrena has co-written the screen version of the Catalan bestseller Second Origin (2014), a 3D film by Bigas Luna. Currently, he is working on his new feature film with Antàrtida Productions.

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Món Petit

2012, 84', video

Directed by:
Marcel Barrena

Screenplay by:
Marcel Barrena, Víctor Correal, Adrià Cuatrecases

Victor Torija, Albert Serradó

Edited by:
Marcel Barrena, Domi Parra

Pau Vallvé

Víctor Correal, Adrià Cuatrecases, Oriol Maymó

Produced by:
Umbilical TV, Corte y Confección de películas

Festivals & Awards:

IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2012 – IDFA DOC U! Award, 3rd place – Audience Award