Teen Dox

Beauty Culture

Lauren Greenfield
Screening time  
26.02. / Tuesday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 5  
''Beauty CULTure'' explores how feminine beauty is defined and revered, and the consequences for female body image.

Through an examination of the photography industry and iconic fashion images, the film investigates our age-old obsession with beauty, its biological origins, and the role of the media and technology in narrowing its definition with ubiquitous imagery. Fashion photographers, avant-garde artists, celebrated models, child pageant stars, body builders, teenagers, and intellectuals engage in a provocative dialogue about the “beauty contest” of modern life.


Lauren Greenfield

Lauren Greenfield is an American artist, documentary photographer and filmmaker. She graduated from Harvard in 1987 and started her career as an intern for National Geographic. Her first feature-length documentary Thin (2006) was nominated for an Emmy, in 2008 she directed Kids + Money, which won multiple festival awards and screened at 2009 ZagrebDox, and in 2011 the film Beauty CULTure. Her photographic works and films generally deal with issues relating to the influence of popular culture on the way we live.

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Beauty Culture

30', video

Directed by:
Lauren Greenfield

Malik Sayeed

Edited by:
Catherine Bull

Fol Chen

Frank Evers, Shanah Blevins

Produced by:
Evergreen Pictures

Festivals & Awards:

Tribeca Film Festival 2012; DocuWeeks 2012