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Brute Force

Ben Steinbauer
Screening time  
02.03. / Saturday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 5  
The story of Apple Records notoriously irreverent recording artist, Brute Force.

In 1967, Brute Force released his first album on Columbia Records and was on the brink of becoming a star. The Beatles championed his next single, King of Fuh, to be released on Apple Records. But dreams of fame and fortune quickly turned into nightmares when the record was censored and permanently shelved. In 2010, Sony and Apple reissued Brute Force’s controversial music from the sixties, giving him another chance to re-capture his dreams of rock stardom.


Ben Steinbauer

Ben Steinbauer is an American documentary film director, based in Austin, Texas. Steinbauer’s films have premiered at South by Southwest and the Austin Film Festival, played on PBS, won awards including top prize at the 2006 Cinematexas Film Festival and screened at the Directors Guild Theatre in Los Angeles. Steinbauer won the Princess Grace Award in 2009, Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature at the Sarasota Film Festival and Top Ten Audience Favorite at the Hot Docs Film Festival in May 2009 for his documentary feature, Winnebago Man. He teaches film at the University of Texas, Austin, and is the co-founder of the commercial production company The Bear.

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Brute Force

2012, 16', video

Directed by:
Ben Steinbauer

Screenplay by:
Andrew Fuller

Jody Lee Lipes

Edited by:
Louisiana Kreutz

Brute Force

Andrew Fuller

Produced by:
Razor Films

Festivals & Awards:

New Media Film Festival 2012 – Best Documentary; SXSW South by Southwest 2012; SilverDocs 2012; BAM Cinefest 2012; Sidewalk Film Festival 2012; Rhode Island International Film Festival 2012; Free State Film Festival 2012