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Becoming Traviata

Philippe Béziat
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26.02. / Tuesday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 5  
Meet a very special woman, a piece of art, a myth: La Traviata!

How can emotion come to light on the opera set? Does it come from singing, acting or music? How can someone become the incarnation of Verdi’s masterpiece? Following the world famous French soprano Natalie Dessay from the first repetitions until the premiere under the direction of Jean-François Sivadier, we meet a very special woman, a piece of art, a myth: La Traviata. An intimate documentary that invites you to go behind the curtains of one of the world’s greatest operas. Director Philippe Béziat offers a rare glimpse into the creative process of renowned singers and musicians as they collaborate to produce a contemporary re-telling of this classic opera at the prestigious Festival d’Aix-en-Provence in France.

Philippe Béziat

Philippe Béziat was born 1963 in Boulogne-Billancourt in France. He received a degree from ESCP (École supérieure de commerce de Paris) and today works for theatre, cinema and television.

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Traviata et nous

2012, 113', DCP

Directed by:
Philippe Béziat

Screenplay by:
Philippe Béziat

Raphaël O’Byrne, Hichame Allaouié, Ned Burgess, Matthieu Poirot-Delpech

Edited by:
Cyril Leuthy

Philippe Martin

Produced by:
Les films Pelléas

Festivals & Awards:

New York Film Festival 2012