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Ping Pong

Hugh Hartford
Screening time  
25.02. / Monday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 4  
''Ping Pong'' follows 8 players with 703 years between them as they compete in the World over 80 Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia.

Pensioners from across the planet compete in the World Over 80 Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia. Eight players with 703 years between them guide us through the extraordinary world of veteran sports. And with intimate and candid portraits of life back home, the film explores the hope, regret and immediacy of growing old. Terry (81) having been given a week to live, not only recovers, but gets in sight of winning gold. Inge (89) has used table tennis to train her way out of the dementia ward she committed herself to. This film is as much about the tenacity of the human spirit as it is a meditation on mortality.


Hugh Hartford

Hugh Hartford is British director, producer, editor and documentary filmmaker. He co-founded the production company Banyak Films. He has produced and directed documentaries for international broadcasters including BBC, Channel Four, National Geographic, and Al Jazeera. He regularly makes half-hour current affairs documentaries for Al Jazeera English. Ping Pong is his first directed feature documentary.

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Ping Pong

2012, 77', DCP

Directed by:
Hugh Hartford

Screenplay by:
Hugh Hartford, Anson Hartford

Anson Hartford, Hugh Hartford

Edited by:
Mark Atkins, John Mister

Orlando Roberton

Anson Hartford

Produced by:
Banyak Films

Festivals & Awards:

Hot Docs 2012; Warsaw International Film Festival 2012; Sheffield Doc/Fest 2012; Calgary International Film Festival 2012; DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival 2012; DOC NYC 2012; Reframe Petersborough International Film Festival 2012