Controversial Dox

The Brussels Business

Friedrich Moser, Matthieu Lietaert
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26.02. / Tuesday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 4  
A high-profile political docu-thriller unveiling the EU’s untold story.

In the early 1990s, two young men discover the enormous influence of lobbying in Brussels. Olivier Hoedeman becomes the EU’s leading lobby-watchdog. Pascal Kerneis becomes a high profile lobbyist for multinational industries. With Olivier’s investigations and Pascal’s career the film takes us on a journey into the corridors of power of the biggest economy on earth – the European Union. Lobby groups, consultancies, think tanks and law firms teaming up with the EU’s political elite are the secretive networks that steer the life of 500 million Europeans.

*Focus on Austria

Friedrich Moser

Friedrich Moser holds a university degree (MA) in history and German studies from the University of Salzburg, Austria. He started his professional career as a TV journalist and editor in Bolzano, Italy. In 2001 he founded blue+green communication. He has made over 20 documentaries in the past years, most of them as producer, director, DoP. Friedrich’s professional career also includes lecturing on history and documentaries at the University of Vienna, Department of Economic and Social History.


Matthieu Lietaert

Matthieu Lietaert holds a PhD in Political Science and is former lobbyist in Brussels. He works as a web-doc and cross-media consultant in cinema schools and manages Not So Crazy! Productions.

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The Brussels Business

Belgium, Austria, USA, France, Switzerland, Indonesia, Great Britain
2012, 85', video

Directed by:
Friedrich Moser, Matthieu Lietaert

Screenplay by:
Friedrich Moser, Matthieu Lietaert

Friedrich Moser

Edited by:
Jesper Osmund, Friedrich Moser, Michaela Müllner

Friedrich Moser, Steven Dhoedt

Produced by:
blue+green communication