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Inside Lara Roxx

Mia Donovan
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28.02. / Thursday, 23:00 - 01:00 Theatre 3  
In the spring of 2004, 21-year-old Lara Roxx left her hometown of Montreal and headed to LA to try and make a ton of cash in the adult entertainment industry...

Within two months of working in this industry she contracted the most virulent form of HIV while performing sex in front of the camera. Inside Lara Roxx is a feature-length-documentary about the events leading up to that scene and the years after it. Film is about the adult movie industry and its impact on a young life. Inside Lara Roxx follows this unlikely young woman through a tumultuous five-year period as she struggles to build a new identity and find hope in the wake of her past.

Mia Donovan

Mia Donovan is a filmmaker and award-winning photographer. She moved to Montreal at the age of seventeen to escape her hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick. As an artist, Mia’s work focuses on issues surrounding female sexual identity. Her most recent photographic works, Stripped and Peepshow, documents Montreal area sex workers. After a few years of photographing strippers, escorts and porn stars she would meet Lara Roxx, and film with her over the next five years. The result is Inside Lara Roxx, Mia’s first feature documentary.

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Inside Lara Roxx

2011, 81', video

Directed by:
Mia Donovan

Screenplay by:
Mia Donovan

Mia Donovan, Carlos Luis Rodriguez

Edited by:
Omar Majeed

The High Dials

Mia Donovan, Bob Moore

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Boston Underground Film Festival 2012 - Second Place Best Feature; Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival - Best Documentary on Society & Humanity; HotDocs International Documentary Festival; 2011 Split Film Festival 2012; Yorkton Film Festival 2012 Jutra Awards 2012; San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2013