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Rory Kennedy
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01.03. / Friday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 4  
A first-hand look inside a political dynasty by Emmy winner Rory Kennedy.

Ethel is a feature length documentary about the remarkable life of Ethel Kennedy, told by those who know Ethel best: her family. Directed by her Emmy Award winning daughter, Rory Kennedy, the film features candid interviews with Ethel and seven of her children. The film is a personal portrait of Ethel’s political awakening, the life she shared with Robert F. Kennedy, and the years following his death when she raised their eleven children on her own. Intimate, funny, and deeply moving, Ethel offers a rare look inside a political dynasty strengthened by family bonds, a compassion for others, and a wisdom forged from both hardship and triumph.

Rory Kennedy

Rory Kennedy is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and co-founder and President of Moxie Firecracker Films for over 12 years. She has produced more than 35 celebrated documentaries, covering topics from the global AIDS crisis, human rights, domestic abuse, poverty, drug addiction, and political corruption. Kennedy’s films have appeared on HBO, PBS, Lifetime Television, A&E, Court TV, The Oxygen Network and The Learning Channel. In 1999, Kennedy’s HBO film American Hollow, the story of a tight-knit Appalachian family, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, launching an acclaimed and prolific career and earning Kennedy the first of many Emmy Award nominations.

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2012, 97', video

Directed by:
Rory Kennedy

Screenplay by:
Mark Bailey

Buddy Squires

Edited by:
Azin Samari

Miriam Cutler

Jack Youngelson, Rory Kennedy

Produced by:
Moxie Firecracker Films

Festivals & Awards:

Ashland Independent Film Festival 2012 - Audience Award, Best Documentary;  Sundance Film Festival 2012