Professional Accreditations


Applications for the Festival Doxer Accreditation can be submitted until 18th February 2013.

Film professionals can apply for the Festival Doxer Accreditation in the period from 4th to 18th February 2013.

Members of the following associations shall be considered film professionals:

Croatian Film Directors' Guild
Croatian Film Producers Guild
Croatian Filmmakers Guild (Directing, Cinematography and Editing Sections)
ADU – students and teachers at film departments
Film festival representatives

In addition to issuing accreditation and other materials, ZagrebDox Accreditation Office will respond to all the professionals' inquiries about the festival.

Those professionals who want to obtain accreditation but have failed to submit their application within the above specified period of time can exceptionally submit it even after expiry of that deadline. They will be notified of the outcome of their application within 72 hours.

Festival Board retains the right not to approve festival accreditation