Krsto Papić, one of the greatest Croatian directors, passed away


Krsto Papić, a renowned Croatian film director and writer, passed away in Zagreb at the age of 80, from a long illness.


Biography Dox: Portraits of Steve Jobs, Ethel Kennedy and Harry Dean Stanton!


Biography Dox, a new programme of this year’s ZagrebDox, offers the audience life stories of fascinating and influential more or less famous personalities which have differently marked the last decades.


''Elena'' in ZagrebDox’s International Competition


The documentary film ''Elena'' by young Brazilian filmmaker and actress Petra Costa is an intimate and touching cinematic mosaic about the director’s search for her older sister.


''Summer of Giacomo'' – on light, river, desire and youth


From ZagrebDox regional competition, check out the film that won the Grand Prix at Locarno International Film Festival, directed by Italian Alessandro Comodin


Sundance Award Winner at 9th ZagrebDox!


A poetic kaleidoscopic portrayal of life in Georgia,'The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear' won the sympathies of the jury at the largest American independent film festival. Whether you will like it too – check out soon in ZagrebDox’s international competition.


Professional Accreditations


Applications for the Festival Doxer Accreditation can be submitted until 18th February 2013.


Ninth Edition of ZagrebDox Presented!


Slowly but steadily, ZagrebDox and its 20 programmes, an even better ZagrebDox Pro intended for professionals, competition for documentaries filmed with cell phones, as well as ideas for new films, are becoming the central place of documentary practice in this part of Europe.


ZagrebDox Looking for Volunteers!


Volunteering requires full dedication and brings priceless festival work experience, a possibility to see outstanding documentaries and many other things. Submit your application by 15 February according to the following instructions.


''The Tundra Book'' – a document of a life slowly disappearing


This year’s ZagrebDox programme features a film about nomads from Chukotka Peninsula, located in the far east of Russia. Impressive visuals convey a tale about an ancient culture characterised by harsh weather conditions and a constant struggle for life.


The Story of Karsu – 'Dutch Norah Jones' in Musical Globe


'Karsu' is an extraordinary documentary tale about a young jazz singer and songwriter from Amsterdam, who made her first steps in the music world by playing the piano in a family restaurant owned by her parents, Turkish immigrants.