More than 40 Croatian documentaries at 9th ZagrebDox!


This year’s ZagrebDox will screen a total of more than forty Croatian documentaries. Dox events include ten local premieres, six of them in the regional competition.


ZagrebDox Android™ Application


On the official website, all the details about the festival are now available in the digital brochure on your smartphones. The application can be downloaded from Google Play™.


Musical Globe: punk, jazz, ethno, Hava Nagila and the Dutch Norah Jones!


Eight musical documentaries covering a wide range of genres and artists: from punk to classical music, from ethno to jazz and traditional Jewish song. Also, this year’s festival novelty is a concert of the Turkish musical sensation Karsu!


Programme schedule made public!


The schedule and locations of all the screenings are available on our website.


ZagrebDox Focuses on Austrian Docs


ZagrebDox 2013 will present four documentary films that reflect a wide spectrum of the current Austrian documentary scene: ''Mama Illegal', ''Danube Hospital'', ''The Brussels Business'' and ''Login 2 Life''.


''The Act of Killing'' and ''A World not Ours'' Win Awards in Berlin


Joshua Oppenheimer’s ''The Act of Killing'' won the Ecumenical Jury Award and Panorama Audience Award, and ''A World Not Ours'' by Mahdi Fleifel won the Peace Film Prize. Both films will be screened at the 9th ZagrebDox.


Official Competition Selection Made Public!


We have published the films from the international and regional competitions of the 9th ZagrebDox! Make sure you select your favourites on time, we have less than ten days until the beginning of the festival.


Controversial Dox Programme Presented!


From an American linguist who explores the grammar of happines with the Piraha people of the Amazon, to Croatian plutocracy and secret affairs in Brussels, all the way to Moscow's Garden of Time where the astonishing private art collection is uncovered.


''The Imposter'' Wins BAFTA for Best Debut Film!


The noir docu-fiction film by Bart Layton on the subject of identity switch has won another prestigious award. At ZagrebDox ''The Imposter'' competes in the International Competition and will be presented to the audience in three screenings.


Teen Dox Programme Reveals All about the Bitter-Sweet Age of Growing Up


From Berlin's night life, the venue of Russian party queen Anna Pavlova's never-ending party, to India at dawn, when young Amar's working hours begin - TEEN DOX takes us on a journey through the most beautiful and most problematic period in human life.