Fade In Retrospective

1968 – Yesterday, Today, Tommorow

Sandra Grubić
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27.02. / Monday, 15:00 - 17:00 Theatre 1  
The heritage of the 1968 is that the flame of wrath can never be put out…

In 2008 we marked the 40th anniversary of the revolutionary 1968, which had changed forever the image of the modern society on both sides of Atlantic Ocean. Puritanism, conservativism, militarism… they were all thoroughly shook up by the force of rebellion of the ‘sixty-eighters’, who brought with them liberalism, tolerance, freedom of expression and many other social values enjoyed by the generations of today. However, most importantly, the heritage of the 1968 is that the flame of wrath can never be put out…

Sandra Grubić

Sandra Grubić took her degree in Italian Language and Literature at the University of Belgrade. She also received a degree in Gestalt psychotherapy. She has been working for Fade In since 2001 as TV reporter and producer of TV reports, documentary films, one short feature film ('Sirens' Castle') and promo documentaries. She co-directed a documentary film ('Return') and directed a few promo documentaries. She is also a co-author of two documentary films ('Project: Ballerina and Astronauts' and 'Return'). Since 2009 she has worked in Kreativni sindikat as producer of experimental films and art videos. In Intronaut, she organizes education in Gestalt psychotherapy and systemic constellations and works as a therapist.

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2008, 5', color, video

Directed by:
Sandra Grubić

Morana Komljenović

Edited by:
Morana Komljenović

Produced by:
Fade In