An Author's Retrospective: Jay Rosenblatt


Jay Rosenblatt
Screening time  
28.02. / Tuesday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 5  
‘The Smell of Burning Ants’ is a haunting documentary on the pains of growing up male.

‘The Smell of Burning Ants’ is a haunting documentary on the pains of growing up male. It explores the inner and outer cruelties that boys perpetrate and endure. The film provokes the viewer to reflect on how our society can deprive boys of wholeness. Through formative events of a boy’s life, we come to understand the ways in which men can become emotionally disconnected and alienated from their feminine side. The common dismissal that ’boys will be boys’ evolves into the chilling realization that boys frequently become angry, destructive and emotionally disabled men. ‘The Smell of Burning Ants’ illustrates how boys are socialized by fear, power and shame. The film is a catalyst for discussion and an opportunity to begin the process of healing the wounds of childhood.


Jay Rosenblatt

Jay Rosenblatt is an internationally recognized artist who has been working as an independent filmmaker since 1980 and has completed over twenty-five films. His work explores our emotional and psychological cores. They are personal in their content yet universal in their appeal. His films have received over 100 awards and have screened throughout the world. Eight of his films have been at the Sundance Film Festival and several of his films have shown on HBO/Cinemax, the Independent Film Channel and the Sundance Channel. ZagrebDox screened many of his films in International Competition, My Best Dox, and in the author's retrospective in 2012, when Rosenblatt held a masterclass.

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1994, 21', color/bw, video

Directed by:
Jay Rosenblatt

Screenplay by:
Jay Rosenblatt

Edited by:
Jay Rosenblatt

Erik Ian Walker

Jay Rosenblatt

Festivals & Awards:

Locarno International Film Festival - First Prize, Short Films; Athens International Film and Video Festival - First Prize
Charlotte Film Festival – Best of the Best; VIPER Experimental Media Festival – First Prize; Melbourne International Film Festival - Best Experimental Film; Sinking Creek Film Festival - Best Experimental Film; Big Muddy Film Festival - Best Experimental Film; Tampere Short Film Festival - Best Documentary; Carolina Film & Video Festival – Silver Medal
Florida Film Festival –  Artistic Courage Award; Onion City Film Festival – Doug Haynes Memorial Award, Audience Choice Award; New York Film Expo – Bronze Award; San Francisco International Film Festival - Honorable Mention; Atlanta Film and Video Festival - Honorable Mention; Visions du Réel - Special Mention