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Bob Connolly
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27.02. / Monday, 21:00 - 23:00 Theatre 3  
A powerful documentary on transformative power of music

Karen Carey has been Director of Music for twenty years at MLC Burwood, an independent Sydney girls’ school. She oversees the Biennial MLC Opera House Concert that takes 18 months of hard slog from conception to execution. Bob Connolly and co-director Sophie Raymond follow Mrs Carey and her team as they coax, inspire, cajole and frog march their young performers to reach the required standard. Carey insists on a challenging classical repertoire, demands a dauntingly high level of performance, and requires the active participation of not only her select group of dedicated student musicians, but also the entire 1200-strong student body. Along the way, we can glimpse the great divide between those prepared to open their hearts and minds and those yet to discover the potential within.

Bob Connolly

Bob Connolly began his career at the ABC, directing some 30 documentaries there in the 1970s before teaming up with Robin Anderson to work independently. In 1983 they released 'First Contact', followed by 'Joe Leahy's Neighbours' (1989) and 'Black Harvest' (1992). Shot in the PNG Highlands over ten years, these 3 films won 30 national and international awards. In 1996 Connolly and Anderson released 'Rats In The Ranks'. Their last film together was 'Facing The Music' (2001). Bob's 6th major film release is 'Mrs Carey's Concert' with co-director Sophie Raymond.

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2011, 95', color, video

Directed by:
Bob Connolly

Screenplay by:
Bob Connolly

Edited by:
Nick Meyers, Sophie Raymond, Ray Thomas

Bob Connolly, Helen Panckhurst

Produced by:
Music Films

Festivals & Awards:

Australian Academy of Cinema & Television Arts 2011 - Best Feature Documentary Film, Best Direction in a Feature Documentary; Guangzhou Documentary Festival 2011 - Best Culture & History Documentary; Australian Screen Sound Guild Awards 2011 - Best Sound in a Documentary or Series