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Nili Tal

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Screening time  
03.03. / Saturday, 21:00 - 23:00 Theatre 3  
‘Sixty and the City’ explores the new rules of dating for the over 50s.

ili Tal has reached the grand age of 61 and is looking for love. Someone her own age would be fine but she’ll happily settle for a toy boy. Thin, beautiful and successful, she should have no problem. But the first photo she uploads to a dating site looks too serious and no one responds. She goes on a journey to transform herself. In the process, she meets men from all over Europe and other older women also looking for love. Funny and touching, ‘Sixty and the City’, explores the new rules of dating for the over 50s.

Nili Tal

Nili Tal was born in Tel Aviv. She started to write for Ha'aretz newspaper’s magazine at the age of 23. She wrote feature stories and investigative reports. At 34 she left Ha'aretz for the Israeli TV, Channel 1, and started to work as a director at the high profile program Second Look. After a while she moved to the documentary department. In 1997 she opened an independent production company, Nili Tal Productions, and started to produce documentary films for all channels in Israel. Many of them have participated in international documentary film festivals and have been distributed to European broadcasters. She produced important films about trafficking of women from the former Soviet Union to Israel, trafficking of kidneys, trafficking of drugs, murder of women by their husbands and boyfriends, etc.


2010, 70', color, video

Directed by:
Nili Tal

Screenplay by:
Nili Tal

Nili Tal, Einav Giat, Shalom Rufaizen

Edited by:
Hadara Oren

Nili Tal

Produced by:
Nili Tal Productions