Festival Rules


ARTICLE 1 / General Provisions

ZagrebDox is an international documentary film festival taking place in Zagreb every February and/or March and lasting seven days.

ZagrebDox is supported by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the City of Zagreb, Croatian Audiovisual Centre and sponsors.

The festival aims to offer to the viewers and film experts an insight into modern documentary film production, providing at the same time a place where film professionals could meet and share their creative ideas for future projects.

ZagrebDox is focused on encouraging cooperation in Southeastern Europe and enabling mutual contacts and recognition of world, European, regional and local documentary scenes.

ARTICLE 2 / Program 
The festival program consists of competition program, official program (special thematic programs) and retrospective program.

The competition program consists of international and regional programs.

1) International Competition Program includes films from all over the world, excluding those competing in the Regional Competition Program.

2) Regional Competition Program is intended for the films produced or co-produced in the following countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania.

The Festival retains the right to make the final decision on the program in which a film will be shown.

ARTICLE 3 / Conditions for Submission

The films for the competition programs can be submitted by directors, producers and national film authorities entitled for representation of films.

Documentary films of all running times, topics, style and production technologies can be submitted. The film formats acceptable for ZagrebDox Festival are: 35mm, Digi Beta (Pal), Beta SP (Pal), HDV, DVCam and DV.

Only the films completed after January 1 of the previous year (2010) can participate in the competition program.

The deadline for submission of the films completed in 2010 is July 15 2011 (the date on the seal on the envelope) and for the films completed in 2011 it is October 1, 2011.

The organizer retains the right to invite films outside the above specified deadlines.

The films must be submitted online, on the festival’s Internet page (link) or with a filled out submission form sent together with a screener – on a DVD (all regions) or a VHS tape.

There is no submission charge. All submitted films must have English subtitles and dialogue lists.

A director or an authorized person who have submitted a film shall oblige not to withdraw the film from the Festival after announcement of the official program of the Festival, which is usually 45 days before the beginning of the Festival.

By signing the submission form, the applicant accepts the Festival Rules.

The directors, producers and distributors of the awarded films shall commit to mention the award in official and promotional materials as well as during the film’s distribution.

ARTICLE 4 / Sending of Films

Films must be sent to the following address:  
Nova Ves 18/3 
10 000 Zagreb 

Senders should clearly specify on their shipments: "No commercial value.”

All costs of incoming mail shell be born by the sender, while all costs from the returning mail shell be born by ZagrebDox. 

If a shipment is being sent by special delivery, it must be specified on it that the sender will cover the expenses of the delivery and import fees.

ZagrebDox shall be responsible for storing and safekeeping of film copies only from the moment of receipt of a mail to the moment of its sending.

If the case of loss or damaging of a film copy, the organizer shall cover the cost of material – to this end, the cost of the material in the country of origin should be specified.

ARTICLE 5 / Selection and Screenings

The number of films in each program will depend on the running time of individual films. Every selected film will be shown not more than three times during the Festival. If it receives an award, it will be shown three more times together with other awarded films. Films will be shown with both English and Croatian subtitles.

All audio-visual recordings of the submitted films (screeners) shall remain in the ZagrebDox archives in order to be used for documentary, educational and cultural purposes. For easier storage, films can also be stored in a digital data base.

For the purpose of promotion of the awarded films and the Festival itself, the Festival shall retain the right to screen the awarded films in the network of art-film theaters in Croatia; although no fee will be paid for that, the owner of the property rights will be notified. 

ARTICLE 6 / Awards

The official awards of ZagrebDox are:

  1. Big Stamp Award  - for Best Film in International Competition Program
  2. Big Stamp Award  - for Best Film in Regional Competition Program
  3. Little Stamp Award – for Best Film of a young author of up to 35 years of age
  4. Audience Award – for Best Film by audience choice

The official awards consist of a statue, a diploma and a cash prize the amount of which is to be determined by the Festival subject to the available budget.

  1. Special awards can be given by the Festival, expert bodies, professional organizations, NGOs, media, etc. 

ARTICLE 7 / Juries

The Festival Director proposes the members of the jury for each category.

1) International Jury – presents the Big Stamp Award for the best film in International Competition Program. It is composed of three acclaimed international experts for documentary film.

 2) Regional Jury – presents the Big Stamp Award for the best film in Regional Competition Program. It is composed of three acclaimed international experts for documentary film.

3) Student Jury – presents the award for the best film of a young author of up to 35 years of age. It is composed of a student director, last year's winner and a representative of film school.

4) Special juries – present the awards in special categories.

In evaluation of films, each jury shall follow their own criteria; in their work, the juries shall abide by their Operating Rules and Festival Rules. 

The winner of the Audience Award is selected on the basis of the average rating given by the audience after every screening. 

ARTICLE 8 / Press Materials and Shipments

Along with an application form, the following materials must be submitted: 

 • A brief synopsis of the film in English language, 
  • At least 3 photographs from the film (of the quality suitable for press), 
  • A film's dialogue list in English language, 
  • Thee director's photos and biography and his/her year of birth (in order to qualify for Best Film of a Young Author Award), 
  • Promo material (press packages, posters, etc.).

By signing the submission form, the applicant authorizes the Festival to use and publish all the above specified materials in the festival catalogue, on Internet and in press.

The Festival is also authorized to publish a trailer or insert from a film of up to 3 minutes of running time for promotional purposes.

The materials for the selection will not be returned.

The Festival retains the right to reject film copies and/or video tapes of low technical quality that could create problems during screening.

By signing the submission form, the producer or director of a film accepts the rules of ZagrebDox and guarantees the accuracy of the data entered into it.

ARTICLE 9 / Accommodation and Accreditations

Subject to availability of funds, the Organizer may invite the director or a representative of a film and cover their travel and/or accommodation expenses.

The authors of all films shown at the Festival are invited to take part in the Festival. If they apply on time (one month before the beginning of the Festival), the Festival will ensure for them all necessary accreditation and promotion of their film, subject to available funds.

ARTICLE 10 / The Organizer

The organizer of ZagrebDox is Factum, a non-profit NGO.

Nova Ves 18/3 
10 000 Zagreb 
Hrvatska/ Croatia

Tel: +385 1 4854 821

Fax: + 385 1 4854 823

mail: info@zagrebdox.net 
web: www.zagrebdox.net 

ARTICLE 11 / Final Provisions

These Rules are written in Croatian and English languages. All participants of the Festival shall accept these Rules. For the purposes of interpretation, Croatian version shall be authoritative. The provisions not included in these Rules shall be considered directly by the Festival Organizer in accordance with the Statute of the Organizer. In case of any dispute, the competent court in Zagreb shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all issues related to the Festival. The Festival Director shall have the discretionary right to decide on and solve the cases not specified in these Rules.