Teen Dox


Besides the best student film from the last year's IDFA and the best short film of Canadian Hot Docs, our Teen Dox program presents seven other documentaries about follies, but also about suffering that we experience during the most delicate period of our life.

Our Teen Dox program, introduced last year, is once again focused on teenage population. Its goal is to arouse the teenagers' interest in documentary films. Below you can find some information on the nine films that ZagrebDox has provided for the young ones and for all those who feel young.
All those who spend days on Facebook and think that "refreshment of status" is the top human virtue will certainly love 'Facebook Follies: The Unexpected Consequences of the Social Media' (trailer). It is a one-hour documentary of the awarded Canadian filmmaker Geoff D'Eon which deals with the unforeseen and increasingly important consequences of sharing one's personal and private information on the most widespread social network.   
Much darker side of life is the one 'The Bully Project' is dealing with. It is a film by the acclaimed U.S. documentarist Lee Hirsch. Two intertwining stories tell us about two families whose children have committed suicide because of the violence they had been exposed to. Norwegian director Karen Winther's autobiographic film 'The Betrayal', awarded at IDFA (the world's biggest documentary film festival) as the best student documentary, tells us about a decision that changed the life of a teenage Norwegian girl for good.  
Witty 'Putin's Kiss', the winner of Best Documentary Cinematography Award at this year's Sundance, is a documentary about coming of age, directed by Danish filmmaker Lise Birk Pedersen. Marsha is an intelligent 19-year-old. She is also the spokesperson of the young, patriotic movement Nashi (Ours!), which is trying to get rid of all "enemies of Russia". At one occasion, she kisses Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, thus additionally proving the adoration she feels for the great leader. However, this changes when she gets in touch with a member of the liberal opposition. For the first time, she starts doubting her political principles and decisions.
Through drawings and photographs, Swedish director Erik Bäfving follows a young boy who is trying to escape from the painful memories of his father's suicide and start a normal life. The multiply awarded film 'Inbetweener' takes us to his world after years of isolation, when love makes him face the inevitable ultimatum: should he go on following in his father's footsteps or should he let the time catch up with him?  'In a Stranger's Skin' is a Belgian author Christophe Hermans's film about Arnaud, a young man in his twenties who leaves college after his mother's death and finds comfort in food.

In her multiply awarded film 'I Am a Girl!', Dutch filmmaker Susan Koenen takes us to the unusual world of a beautiful girl who truly falls in love for the first time. The question arises: how to tell the boy of her dreams she, too, is actually a boy?  In Teen Dox program you can also see the awarded U.S. film 'Girl Model' by the directing duo Ashley Sabin and David Redmon, showing a rarely seen aspect of fashion industry.
The protagonist of 'Flying Anne', 11-year-old Anne is so pretty that you can't take your eyes off her. However, the longer you look at her, the more you notice her tics. Anne has Tourette syndrome. Dutch director Catherine van Campen's film won Best Short Documentary Award at HotDocs Festival.