See controversial dox 'Eggs for later' tonight at 10pm


An autodox of Marieke Schellart who, having turned 35 and facing the biological clock, is trying to become pregnant although she has not find Mr. Right yet. The film won Audience Award at dokumentART festival 2011.

Tonight at 10pm in Auditorium No. 4, you can see a film from Controversial Dox program, 'Eggs for Later' by Marieke Schellart, the winner of Audience Award at last year's European Documentary Film Festival dokumentART.

This personal documentary of Marieke Schellart follows her attempts to become pregnant now that she has turned 35 and faces the biological clock, although she has not find Mr. Right yet. One possible solution is to have her eggs frozen for later. However, it is illegal in the Netherlands. Marieke very openly talks about it with her friends and parents and draws us into her very personal search for a solution to the problem many women are facing today.