Screening of 'Lust Step One' – Saturday, 4pm, at Festival Center


This interactive cinematic labyrinth of Danish film director and member of ZagrebDox Young Jury, Torben Simonsen, was originally conceived as an erotic road-film. You can see it in the grand finale of Jury Dox in Festival Center on Saturday.

The last film from our Jury Dox program will be shown in Festival center on Saturday. It is 'Lust Step One', a film by Danish documentarist Torben Simonsen, a member of the Young Jury of the 8th ZagrebDox. 'Lust Step One' is an interactive cinematic labyrinth in which viewers can find something new every time they watch it.

He and she, Herman and Sylvia. There is chemistry between them. He cannot live without her and she tells him: "We cannot be lovers, we can be friends". He replies: "OK, darling. Let's make a movie then".

In 2002, Torben Simonsen goes to the U.S. to make an erotic road-movie. After returning to Denmark, in a studio in a dilapidated Copenhagen district, he edits the film for three years, focusing on the way in which the story is told.