The 8th ZagrebDox Opens with 'Dolphin Boy'!


The 8th ZagrebDox was opened in Kaptol Centar's Movieplex tonight! After the opening ceremony, Israeli film 'Dolphin Boy' by Yonatan Nir and Dani Menkin was simultaneously shown in four auditoriums.


The 8th ZagrebDox Opens Tonight


The biggest documentary film festival in the region opens tonight with an intense documentary story 'Dolphin Boy'. Tickets for the opening night can still be bought at Movieplex box offices.


Preparations for tonight's Opening Ceremony


In our Photo Gallery you can see the photos of the final preparations for tonight's opening ceremony, carried out by ZagrebDox team and hard-working ZagrebDox volunteers.


Buy your tickets for the opening night and for the programs of the 8th ZagrebDox


8th ZagrebDox opens on Sunday, 26 February, with the screening of 'Dolphin Boy', an intense story about far-reaching effects of violence and healing potentials of nature. The tickets for the film are available in advance.


Baltic documentaries retrospective


The films that you are going to watch from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the finest examples from a cinema that has, from country to country, its own individuality and its own individuals.


FADE IN or gradual appearing of image on a totally dark screen


ZagrebDox's FADE-IN retrospective presents a selection of films made by a production company that has spent twelve years casting intense light on the Croatian society, with all of its colors and differences


The guests of 8th ZagrebDox


It is our exceptional pleasure to introduce to you many filmmakers who will visit this year's ZagrebDox


Twelve fresh Croatian docs will premiere as part of Dox Events


Some forty Croatian documentaries will be shown at this year's ZagrebDox. As many as twelve of them will premiere as part of Dox Events, five of them in regional competition


Program and Screening Schedule of the 8th ZagrebDox!


The information on films and screening schedule of the 8th ZagrebDox can be found in the PROGRAM section on our web pages.


Controversial Dox


Controversial Dox has everything you always wanted to know about artificial insemination, violence and the Bananagate case in which a battle was fought between Swedish documentarists and Dole Corporation. You can also find out why a furious vegan is as worth as a full clip of a Kalashnikov.