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The Broken Moon

Marcos Negrão, André Rangel
Screening time  
05.03. / Subota, 21:00 - 23:00 Dvorana 1  
Beyond the mountains of the Western Himalaya, Sonam, an old nomad man, lives with his tribe in one of the most adversed and isolated regions of the planet.

A sudden change in the climate is drying most of the rivers and transforming several valleys in deserts. Unable to survive in a traditional way and witnessing the collapse of his own people, Sonam starts a desperate quest to find answers and change their future.

Marcos Negrão

Working as director, producer and cinematographer, Marcos Negrão was involved in many institutional movies, TV series and films. ‘The Broken Moon’ is his first feature-length documentary. In 2003, Marcos founded Enigma Filmes Brazil, a production company specialized in documentary films and TV series.

André Rangel

Since 2001 André Rangel is working as a film editor in the Brazilian feature film industry. In 2005 he joined Marcos Negrão’s Enigma Filmes. Together they directed documentaries ‘Vultures Have Wings’ and ‘The Broken Moon’.

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The Broken Moon

2010, 52', color, video

Directed by:
Marcos Negrão, André Rangel

Screenplay by:
Marcos Negrão

Marcos Negrão

Edited by:
André Rangel

Pedro Igel

Marcos Negrão

Produced by:
Enigma Filmes

Festivals & Awards:

Amsterdam Film Festival 2010 - Best Environmental Film

Festival of Petrópolis - Best Cinematography

Katmandu Mountain Film Festival 2010 - Best Film

Babel Film Festival 2010 - Special Jury Mention

Social World Film Festival - Golden Spike Award