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Ivan Vojnár
Screening time  
28.02. / Ponedjeljak, 21:00 - 23:00 Dvorana 1  
Living in the age of reality TV, in a society hungry for sensation, it is easy to feed on the highly emotional stories of people whose futures are being shaped by dozens of professionals.

‘Cinematherapy’ takes a slightly different approach. A commercial aired on Czech Television invited viewers to attend a casting and tell their stories. Later on, eleven of them underwent ‘cinematherapy’ – provided by the camera as an intermediary between them and the outside world. Blurring the lines between feature film, documentary and reality show, the film does not offer the participants a plastic surgery or a reunion with a long lost friend but lets them witness their often bizarre lives and thus move forward in dealing with their issues.

Ivan Vojnár

Born in 1942, Ivan Vojnár is a photographer, cinematographer and director. In 1965, graduated from FAMU in cinematography, he worked for numerous Czech and Slovak documentary and feature films by, among others, Ivan Balaďa, Jaromil Jireš, Karel Vachek, Drahomíra Vihanová. Filmography as a director: ‘Flowers of Sakura’ (2008), ‘Reminiscences’ (2006), ‘Forest Walkers’ (2003), ‘Prophets and Poets’ (2000), ‘Chapters from the Calendar’ (2000), ‘The Way through the Bleak Woods’ (1997), ‘In the Garden’ (1995 ).

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Czech Republic
2010, 108', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Ivan Vojnár

Screenplay by:
Ivan Vojnár, Tomáš Bojar

Michal Černý

Edited by:
Šárka Němcová

Ivan Vojnár, Jordi Niubo

Produced by:
Czech TV: Kavčí hory