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The Furious Force of Rhymes

Joshua Atesh Litle
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01.03. / Utorak, 22:00 - 00:00 Dvorana 5  
NY, France, Israel, Palestine, Senegal, Columbia… Hip-hop has travelled through time and crossed many borders as a worldwide protest music.

This film is a musical statement of society seen through the eyes of those that make hip-hop the art form it is today. By following stars and up and coming new artists from around the globe, speaking out on complex social and political environments, this film sheds light on the rebellious and controversial language of hip-hop through its music, dance, and compelling graffiti. This journey shows hip-hop as a bridge of cultural differences and an activist for social change.

Joshua Atesh Litle

Joshua Atesh Litle is a filmmaker. He directed the award-winning science-fiction documentary ‘Ever Since the World Ended’. Many of his projects combine his personal background as a musician with his love of cinema. He recently directed a global all-star music video for Amnesty International featuring artists from 16 different countries. His most recent film ‘The Furious Force of Rhymes’ is a documentary about hip-hop music as a voice of protest in six different countries.

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The Furious Force of Rhymes

2012, 82', color, DCP

Directed by:
Joshua Atesh Litle

Screenplay by:
Joshua Atesh Litle

Joshua Atesh Litle

Edited by:
Martha Skolnik, Jérôme Lefdup, Gloria Bremer

Wendell Hanes

Serge Lalou

Produced by:
Les Films d'Ici