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Erotic Man

Jørgen Leth
Screening time  
28.02. / Ponedjeljak, 18:00 - 20:00 Dvorana 5  
New places. Now new locations. New places. New locations. The same journey. We are searching for something. We are searching…

We don’t know how to frame the erotic. I don’t know exactly how you find it. It’s not a definition, that’s not it. It’s about the search itself. Finding some moments in memory and in the present. We study a woman, we study women in different places, in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, in Belém, Panama City, Jacmel, Dakar, in Manila. Watching her, her legs, her shoulders, her skin, her hands, her eyes and her mouth. We watch the unknown smile. The new smile. The difference, the little nuance that makes it different. That’s what we’re searching for. It’s indefinable, it’s unclear. We don’t strive to be clever.


Jørgen Leth

Jørgen Leth, born in 1937, Aarhus, Denmark, is film director, journalist, poet. Guest lecturer at the National Film School of Denmark. Leth’s writing includes poetry, essays, radio and television dramas. Directed over forty films since the early 1960s. Owns the company Sunset Productions. A key figure in the 1960′s milieu of experimental documentary filmmakers. His special achievement awards include the Thomas Mann Award 1972, the Danish Academy’s Special Prize 1983, the Hammerich Award 1992, and a lifelong grant from the Danish Art Foundation 1995. His most important films are ‘The Perfect Human’ (1967), ‘Life in Denmark’ (1971), ’66 Scenes from America’ (1981) and ‘Erotic Man’ (2010).

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Det erotiske menneske

2010, 85', color, video

Directed by:
Jørgen Leth

Screenplay by:
Jørgen Leth

Alexander Gruszynski, Dan Holmberg, Adam Philp

Edited by:
Camilla Skousen, Morten Højbjerg

Kristian Leth, Fridolin T.S. Nordsø

Marianne Christensen

Produced by:
Zentropa Entertainments, Nordisk Film