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Boxing Gym

Frederick Wiseman
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01.03. / Utorak, 18:00 - 20:00 Dvorana 5  
With its brisk pace and genial atmosphere, ‘Boxing Gym’ offers an accessible introduction to Wiseman’s acclaimed aesthetic approach.

Working with longtime cameraman John Davey, Wiseman once again embeds himself in an institution – in this case, a boxing gym in Austin, Texas – without a preconceived agenda or narrative. Shot on 16mm, a format that most documentarians have abandoned for digital, this traditional observational documentary invites viewers to draw their own interpretations. Wiseman’s preoccupation with training is also the emphasis in ‘Boxing Gym’. Not concerned with blood or injury, ‘Boxing Gym’s’ real subject is the dance that takes place inside the ring and the methods practitioners use to attain the requisite discipline, speed and endurance. The gym’s owner, Richard Lord, treats his athletes like a family, dispensing life advice in between training tips.


Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman was born in 1930 in Boston and attended Yale Law School. He has directed nearly forty feature documentaries and has received multiple awards, including the 2007 lifetime achievement award from the Chicago IDFF and the 2014 Golden lion life award at Venice FF. His filmography includes: Titicut Follies (1967), High School (1968), Law & Order (1969), Welfare (1975), Zoo (1993), Public Housing (1997), the fiction feature The Last Letter (2002), and Boxing Gym (2010). Ex Libris – New York Public Library (2017) is his latest documentary.

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Boxing Gym

2010, 91', color, video

Directed by:
Frederick Wiseman

John Davey

Edited by:
Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman

Produced by:
Zipporah Films