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The Celts

Đuro Gavran
Screening time  
02.03. / Srijeda, 21:00 - 23:00 Dvorana 3  
The Celts are a group of football supporters cheering for the local club Bilogorac from the village of Veliko Trojstvo.

In addition to being the only organised supporting group in the county’s first league, their edge lies in the fact that their memebers are not villagers, but people from the town of Bjelovar, located 10 kilometres away. Even though Bjelovar has its own football club competing in the higher rank, these football devotees gave their hearts to Bilogorac. Dressed in green and white, armed with scarves, caps, jerseys, banners and a supporters’ hymn, each weekend the Celts run away from the tedious provincial reality, fighting for new points.


Đuro Gavran

Đuro Gavran was born in 1982 in Bjelovar. He holds a master’s degree in Documentary Film from the Film and TV Directing Department of the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts and in Design from the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Graphic Arts. He is the author of about ten documentaries and two experimental films. His film Verdict (2012) premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival, after which it was showcased at some thirty national and world festivals, winning a number of awards, among which Special Mention at ZagrebDox. His film 4.7 won the Big Stamp in ZagrebDox Regional Competition. He works for Croatian Radiotelevision (documentary film production, production of children’s and science programmes) as external associate. He is the founder of the production company Pipser.

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2011, 26', color, video

Directed by:
Đuro Gavran

Bojan Mrđenović

Edited by:
Martin Semenčić

Petar Punk

Branka Mitić, Oliver Sertić

Produced by:
Akademija dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb, Restart