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Guilty Pleasures

Julie Moggan
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04.03. / Petak, 21:00 - 23:00 Dvorana 3  
Demure Japanese housewife Hiroko yearns to be swept off her feet by a dashing David Beckham look-alike.

When she takes up ballroom dancing lessons with dishy Mr. Iijima, will fantasy become reality? Feisty Indian princess Shumita has grown tired of playing the victim since her debonair husband left her for a younger woman. Deep down she knows she’s the true love of his life and she’s out to get him back. Single Mum Shirley has finally found true love with her very own Mills & Boon hero. But her knight in shining armour has his dark side: together they must find a way to hold onto their happy ending. Sexy cover model Stephen can get any woman he wants. But he won’t settle for anything less than his ‘eternal flame’ and he’s having trouble finding her. Glamorous author Gill Sanderson delivers five Mills & Boon titles a year to her devoted readers across the world. Little do they know, Gill is in fact Roger, a pensioner writing from a small caravan in the Lake District. Five heroes, four continents, one dream of true love. Because real life begins where Mills & Boon ends.

Julie Moggan

Growing up in a small town in East Anglia, Julie Moggan yearned for a way to escape what she thought was an ordinary, unremarkable life. After working in the local chicken factory to save some money, she set off at eighteen to see the world. Her travels inspired her to study Social & Visual Anthropology and documentary-making at film school. She has made films for the BBC and Channel 4. ‘Guilty Pleasures’ is her first feature length documentary.

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Guilty Pleasures

Great Britain
2010, 86', color, video

Directed by:
Julie Moggan

Screenplay by:
Julie Moggan

Julie Moggan

Edited by:
Claire Ferguson

Stuart Earl

Rachel Wexler

Produced by:
Bungalow Town Productions