Regional Competition

The Flood

Goran Dević
Screening time  
01.03. / Utorak, 12:00 - 14:00 Dvorana 2  
03.03. / Četvrtak, 20:00 - 22:00 Dvorana 4  
04.03. / Petak, 14:00 - 16:00 Dvorana 4  
Passive parts of Lika, Kosinj and neighboring villages are tormented by floods every twenty years or so, due to heavy rains and snow melting.

Villages, couples of kilometers away from river Lika are under water. The whole region becomes one huge lake where the only communication is possible by boats. Film follows stories of two volunteers during the flood, each of them becomes the only link with the rest of the world for their respective communities, Serbian and Croatian. Slavko, Croatian veteran from the last war considers the flood of biblical proportion to be the God’s punishment for all our sins. Bigger the sin, higher is the water. Milan is the only one in his area with the small child, and he is thinking how everyone expects some help and assistance while there is no one when others need it. Film follows human and inter-religious relations in one small community under completely unusual circumstances.


Goran Dević

Goran Dević was born in Sisak in 1971. He graduated in Film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, where he currently works as assistant professor in the Film and TV Directing BA and MA programs. He is the author of award-winning documentary films, which screened in different programs at ZagrebDox: The Steel Mill Café (2017), 65+ (2016), Two Furnaces for Udarnik Josip Trojko (2012), Don Juan: Excuse Me, Miss (2010), The Flood (2010), Happy Land (2009), Three (2008), I Have Nothing Nice to Say to You (2005), Imported Crows (2004) and others. In 2018, he directed two documentaries: On the Water and In the Name of the Republic of Croatia. Film The Blacks (2009), which he codirected with Zvonimir Jurić, was his feature film debut.

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2010, 42', color, video

Directed by:
Goran Dević

Screenplay by:
Goran Dević

Jure Cernec, Tamara Cesarec

Edited by:
Vanja Siruček

Pavao Miholjević, Jura Ferina

Hrvoje Osvadić, Goran Dević

Produced by:
Petnaesta umjetnost, CMA - Centar za mirovne studije

Festivals & Awards:

Sarajevo Film Festival 2010 - EDN Talent Grant