Croatian Wartime Documentaries: 1991-1995 in Retrospective


Branko Lentić
Screening time  
05.03. / Subota, 14:00 - 16:00 Dvorana 5  

Branko Lentić

Branko Lentić - journalist and TV editor Born in 1938. He studied law in Zagreb. Lentić worked at Zagreb TV from 1966, first as a collaborator, and then as a editor and an author of youth shows and documentary series ‘Objektiv 350’. He was chief editor at Zagreb TV from 1969 to 1972, the period when program advanced the most and when they introduced game shows, filmed some of the most popular narrative series and integrated informative program. After Croatian Spring breakdown he was forced to resign. From 1972 he worked as an author and made over 200 documentary films: ‘Grga’ (1967), ‘Zagreb – bijeli grad’ (1968), ‘Dinamitaši’ (1973), ‘Jozo i drugi’ (1974), ‘Bit ćeš velik’ (1975), ‘Bič s dva kraja’ (1976), ‘Mjesto koje hoće živjeti’ (1976), ‘14 gnjevnih’ (1978), ‘Živjeti vukovarske slike’ (2001) and others, which were shown at many international television stations. He is one of the founders of ‘Alpe-Dunav-Jadran’ TV show. He was also a president of International Co-production Consortium, and those documentary films were bought by lots of TV companies. Lentić was also a jury member at lots of international and Croatian film festivals and a first chief manager of Croatian National TV (HRT; 1990-1992), retired from the year 2003. His films won many awards at European film festivals, and he also won year award of the International Committee for TV twice and he got Croatian Journalists’ Association Award for Life Achievement– ‘Otokar Keršovani’ in 2002.